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April 4, 2023 - 8:45pm by emma dobie

Whether it be a broken screen or an unreliable charging port, smartphones can be damaged in many ways that are hard to avoid. In these situations, there are only two sides to a cell phone, the first being to replace it and the second being to fix it, out of which the second would seem the wiser option most of the time. Some people ignore the importance of selecting the right and authentic mobile phone repair service occasionally just to save a few dollars, which later causes their own share of problems. When considering mobile phone repair shops, there are two major options: Authorized service centers and local repair shops. Authorized Service Center or Local Service Center? What is your preferred method of transportation?

Authorized service centers

An authorized service center is a facility that the mobile handset manufacturer sets up to service mobile phones that are covered by the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty. All mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Google, Motorola, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc have their own authorized repair shops that perform all kinds of repairs. Any repair not performed by those authorized repair shops generally voids the warranty. Additionally, authorized service providers or authorized service partners must observe the manufacturer’s service standards in order to receive authorization from the manufacturer to service. By the definition, you can tell that this is a more authentic option, but let us review some information about the next alternative before we make a final determination.

Local Third-Party Repair Providers

Local independent repair shops or businesses offer their own version of repair work as well as other services. They are not part of the manufacturer's team and work independently. It is essentially a service provider that provides support to customers outside the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). They may or may not meet the same quality standards set by the company-owned service center, but they certainly provide a more convenient and cheaper alternative. While both centers offer repair services for mobile handsets, there are distinct differences between them that you must be aware of in order to make the right choice. If you live in Boston, you should make sure to check out the best mobile repairing service centers in Boston. Here are a few of the best mobile repair shops and service centers in Boston and other nearby places.

We'll examine these important differences in order to help you decide before submitting your phone or tablet for service. What is The Difference Between Authorized Service Centres and Local Mobile Repairing Shops

1. Authentic Parts

One of the primary differences between the authorized service center and local repair service provider is the authenticity of the part to be repaired. Authorized service centers are kind of subsidiaries to the mobile manufacturers and thus, the repair parts available at these centers are originals that are also known as OEM spares. However, with local technicians in most countries, it is possible that 1st copy parts (nearly identical to original parts) or 2nd copy parts (duplicate, low-quality parts) are detected since the local technicians in most countries don't have access to the original OEM parts. One of the main reasons some people are hesitant to approach local repair shops is due to the above-mentioned reason. However, many people still choose first and second drafts of spare parts regardless of their authenticity and performance because the cost is not high. In comparison to original spares, most copies are much cheaper.

2. The warranty

If your product is under warranty, you may be eligible to receive free mobile phone repair through an authorized service center. However, if you receive a repair from an unauthorized third-party repair shop or service center, the warranty will no longer be valid. Therefore, if your device is still covered by a professional warranty period, it is wise to approach a licensed mobile center only.

3. Convenience

One of the main reasons people choose a third-party mobile repair shop is due to the convenience it offers. There are mobile repair shops scattered everywhere, and some of them offer free pickup and drop online mobile repair services. Authorized service centers are, on the other hand, usually located at greater distances, making them less accessible. Additionally, authorized repair centers must adhere to procedures set up by the management, making it take longer for the device to be repaired, making local repair centers a desirable option. Most people avoid authorized service centers because they are too expensive, or because they are inconvenient.

4. Pricing

The pricing of third party cell phone repair shops is another factor which makes them more viable for the people. Authorized service centres are quite costly (if not covered by warranty) and take longer to fix your mobile devices. However, when you work with a third-party company, you get more speedy repairs that are done by local mechanics at very competitive rates.

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Here are the significant differences between authorized service centers and independent local repair shops. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes people become confused as to which option to choose for their phone repair service needs. One company guarantees affordability and convenience while the other guarantees quality and authenticity. Essentially, there are no favored service centers; people choose their service providers according to their individual needs, convenience and financial status. Some people prefer authorized service centers for out-of-warranty repairs, while others prefer third party repair services.