The Ten Thousand Rooms Project (廣廈千萬間項目) is an open–access platform currently in development that will enable collaborative research on pre-modern Chinese sources (~13 c. BCE to the 20th century). It is supported by Yale University and a three-year, $430,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation. Building on the Mirador Viewer developed by Stanford University, the platform will allow users to upload images of sources and organize projects around their transcription, translation, and/or annotation. 

Both as a workspace for crowd-sourcing core textual research and as a publishing venue for scholarly contributions that are less well suited to conventional book formats, the Ten Thousand Rooms Project aims to establish an international online community of sinologists committed to making the Chinese textual heritage more accessible to a wider audience.

The Principal Investigators of the Ten Thousand Rooms Project are Tina Lu and Michael Hunter of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures. Technical development for the project is being carried out by the Web Technologies group of Yale’s Information Technologies Services (ITS).

A brief overview of the project can be found here and here (中文).

…If I could get a mansion with a thousand, ten thousand rooms,
A great shelter for all the world’s scholars, together in joy,
Solid as a mountain, the elements could not move it.
Oh! If I could see this house before me,
I’d happily freeze to death in my broken hut!

Du Fu, “Song of My Cottage Unroofed by Autumn Gales” (trans. Burton Watson)