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The Ten Thousand Rooms Project (廣廈千萬間項目) is a collaborative workspace for pre-modern textual studies being developed at Yale University with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Click the “Projects” tab to see the kinds of projects our users are working on. Some of the more active projects include a translation of the Collected Sayings of Confucius (introduction here; content here), the Tekagami-jō 手鑑帖 calligraphy album project (introduction here; content here), and a translation of the Jingshi 鏡史 or Anatomy of Lenses (introduction here; content here).

Also, feel free to join the open Sandbox Project and play around with the Ten Thousand Rooms Text Viewer.


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Where can I find a spacious hall with a thousand, ten thousand rooms,
A grand refuge to gladden the miens of all scholars in the cold,
Unmoved by winds and falling rains, secure as a mountain? Oh!
When will I get to see this house before my eyes soaring?
For that I would suffer this broken hut, and die alone and frozen.


Du Fu, “Song of My Cottage Unroofed by Autumn Gales” 茅屋為秋風所破歌