As detailed in the Ten Thousand Rooms Project’s Terms of Use, all users of the site agree to comply with the relevant copyright terms and restrictions. Additional information regarding copyright terms and public domain materials in the United States can be found on this website maintained by Cornell University.

With respect to the uploading of copyrighted or access-restricted images to the Ten Thousand Rooms platform, project editors are able to upload such materials provided that they mark the images as copyright-protected or access-restricted. (For a step-by-step guide, see the Adding Project Texts and Uploading Images tutorial.) Marking uploaded images as copyright-protected or access-restricted triggers two automatic changes within the platform:

  • Marked images will only be viewable by members of that particular project. All other users will be unable to view the images.
  • Membership in that project will be restricted to a maximum of thirty (30) members in order to prevent the distribution of the images.

Any original content produced within the project on the basis of such images (for example, a transcription or translation of an ancient Chinese manuscript whose photographs were published in the last few decades) would be viewable by users outside of the project.