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December 16, 2016 - 3:45pm by Mick Hunter

Dear User,

On behalf of myself, my co-PI Tina Lu, and the development team under the direction of Lec Maj in Yale ITS, welcome to the Ten Thousand Rooms Project! As of the writing of this post, the platform is still under the development. However, it is now possible to create a new project, upload images of the texts you'd like to work on, define the work to be carried out (transcription, translation, commentary, etc.), and get to work. Please check back in the space for any announcements.


Mick Hunter

 Hi there, Mr. Mick Hunter!

    Commenting on the appreciation on what this project has to offer. Believe that everyone has potential value in them selves as for helping one another improve to better the world we are living in as if  our home. My name is Angel Reyes Jr, 22-years-old coming from a place where there is no other option but to keep on moving forward. Currently in need for a home, with no job but still keep myself motive by reading, learning, helping, excersizing, and improving myself any way that i can. Highly interested in the project you are building, be great hearing a response back! 

     Thank You, Angel Reyes JR.


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