Blood, Tears and Samurai Love: Reading a Treasure from Yale’s Beinecke Collection

This project aims to develop a critical online edition of an early modern Japanese manuscript recently acquired by the Beinecke Library. Set in 1714 in Northwestern Japan, the text represents a rare example of a 'true record' (jitsuroku-bon) detailing a samurai same-sex love affair that takes a tragic turn.

Collaborators: Angelika Koch-Low, Takenouchi Masato, Haruko Nakamura, Nina Farizova, Honglan Huang, Adam Haliburton, Avner Merzel and Tom Monaghan

Co-ordination: Haruko Nakamura

Transcription: Takenouchi Masato and Angelika Koch-Low

Japanese Translation: Takenouchi Masato

English Translation: Angelika Koch-Low with Nina Farizova, Honglan Huang, Avner Merzel, Adam Haliburton, Tom Monaghan and Haruko Nakamura

Project Texts: 
Shudo monogatari

Yonezawa City Library Digital Library 市立米沢図書館