Blood, Tears and Samurai Love: Reading a Treasure from Yale’s Beinecke Collection


This project aims to develop a critical online edition of a unique early modern Japanese manuscript recently acquired by the Beinecke Library. Set in 1714 in Northwestern Japan, the text represents a rare example of a 'true record' (jitsuroku-bon) detailing a samurai same-sex love affair that takes a tragic turn.

Our Team:

Editor of digital edition: Angelika Koch-Low

Transcription: Takenouchi Masato and Angelika Koch-Low

Japanese Translation: Takenouchi Masato

English Translation: Angelika Koch-Low with Nina Farizova, Honglan Huang, Avner Merzel, Adam Haliburton, Tom Monaghan, Mary Gilstad, Eric Esteban, Paula Curtis and Haruko Nakamura

Annotations and Research: Angelika Koch-Low

Co-ordination: Haruko Nakamura

Collaborators: Angelika Koch-Low, Takenouchi Masato, Haruko Nakamura, Nina Farizova, Honglan Huang, Adam Haliburton, Avner Merzel, Tom Monaghan, Mary Gilstad, Eric Esteban, Yachiyo Roberts, Jooyeon Hahm and Paula Curtis.
With special thanks to Mary Anketell for proofreading and feedback.


Project Texts: 
Shudo monogatari

Yonezawa City Library Digital Library 市立米沢図書館