The China Mirror 唐鏡

This project is working towards producing an annotated translation of the medieval Japanese text 唐鏡 (The China Mirror, 1250s-1260s). The text is traditionally attributed to Fujiwara no Shigenori, tutor to the imperial prince/sixth shogun, Munetaka, and is believed to have functioned more widely as Chinese history primer for the warrior elite in Kamakura. Since there is neither an annotated edition of the work nor a published modern translation in any language, this would be an important contribution both for scholars of medieval Japanese literature and history, as well as for those interested more broadly in the circulation of texts and ideas in pre-modern East Asia. 

  • Fujiwara no Shigenori 藤原茂範 (ca. 1204 – ca. 1294). Kara kagami: shōkōkanbon 唐鏡: 彰考館本. In Hirasawa Gorō 平沢五郎 and Yoshida Kōichi 吉田幸一, eds., Koten bunko. Tokyo: Koten Bunko, 1965.