Collected Sayings of Confucius

This project aims to produce a complete annotated translation of Sun Xingyan’s 孫星衍 (1753–1818) Kongzi jiyu 孔子集語 (1815 Pingjin guan congshu 平津館叢書 ed.). As explained in a preface by Sun Xingyan’s friend and fellow scholar Yan Kejun 嚴可均 (1762–1843), the Kongzi jiyu is a more or less exhaustive compilation of early Confucius sayings, stories, dialogues, and testimonia preserved outside of the Lunyu 論語 (Analects) and several other canonical sources. As such, the text is a terrifically convenient guide to the not-so-canonical Confucius, a figure whose scattered textual remains (unlike the Analects) are largely inaccessible to beginning students.

Stage one of the project will focus on producing a transcription of chapters one and two together with an English translation. In stage two, I hope to enlist the help of other scholars and/or students to produce a complete annotated translation of the text (including relevant intertextual parallels). In stage three, I intend to add additional passages omitted by Sun Xingyan in his edition of the text, including Kongzi material from recently excavated manuscripts. Additional information about the progress of the project can be found in the "Project Log" annotation layer.

In the fall of 2016, I undertook the initial translation of chapters one and two. In the spring term of 2017, five students joined the project as part of a "Topics in Early Chinese Thought" seminar here at Yale and undertook the initial translation of a number of chapters. They are Bryan Lynch (14a), Ryan Mitchell (6), Song Shennan (8), and Yvonne Ye (7). As of 3/10/17, many of the translations that have been uploaded have not yet been edited or annotated.

Project Texts: 
Kongzi jiyu 孔子集語

Primary sources:

Da Dai Liji jiegu 大戴禮記解詁. Ed. Wang Pinzhen 王聘珍. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju. 1983. 

Hanshi waizhuan jijie 韓詩外傳集解. Ed. Xu Weiyu 許維遹. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1980.

Kongzi jiyu jiaobu 孔子 集語校補, ed. Guo Yi 郭沂. Jinan: Qi Lu shushe. 1998.

Kongzi jiyu yizhu 孔子集語譯注. Meng Qingxiang 孟慶祥 & Meng Fanhong 孟繁紅. Harbin: Heilongjiang renmin chubanshe. 2003.

Liji jijie 禮記集解. Sun Xidan 孫希旦. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1989.

Shuiyuan jiaozheng 說苑校證, ed. Xiang Zonglu 向宗魯. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju. 1987.

Secondary sources

Hightower, James Robert. 1952. Han Shih Wai Chuan: Han Ying's Illustrations of the Didactic Application of the Classic of Songs (Harvard UP).

Hunter, Michael. 2017. Confucius Beyond the Analects. Leiden: Brill.

Waley, Arthur. 1996. The Book of Songs. Edited with additional translations by Joseph R. Allen. New York: Grove Press.





List of primary sources found in the Kongzi jiyu (in progress):

Da Dai Liji 大戴禮記 (Elder Dai's Ritual Records)

Hanshi waizhuan 韓詩外傳 (Outer Traditions of the Han Odes)

Hanshu 漢書 (History of the Han)

Hou Hanshu 後漢書 (History of the Later Han)

Liezi 劉子

Liuzi 劉子

Lüshi chunqiu 呂氏春秋 (Annals of Lü Buwei)

Mengzi 孟子

Mozi 墨子

Qunshu zhiyao 羣書治要 (Collected Writings on the Essentials of Governance)

Sanguo zhi 三國志 (Records of the Three Kingdoms)

Shangshu dazhuan 尚書大傳 (Great Commentary to the Exalted Documents)

Shiji 史記 (Archivist's Records)

Taiping yulan 太平御覽 (Imperial Survey of the Taiping Era)

Wu Yue chunqiu 吳越春秋 (Annals of Wu and Yue)

Yishi 繹史 (History Unraveled; a compilation by Ma Su 馬驌 [1621-1673]) 

Yulan 御覽 (see Taiping yulan)

Zhonglun 中論 (Balanced Discourses)