Du Fu Commentary

This project aims ultimately at creating a database of all public-domain commentary on the poetry of the great Tang-dynasty poet Du Fu 杜甫 (712--770). Du Fu is by far the most extensively annotated of all Chinese poets, and although much of the commentary produced for his collection in premodern times has by now been lost, a significant amount of material still survives in editions that have never been typeset for modern publication. This project aims to make as many of these commentaries available to scholars as is possible, in the hopes that they will aid scholarly investigations both of the reception history of Du Fu's verse and also of the history of literary theory and critical practice in China, Korea, and Japan.  The project will, moreover, leverage the capabilities of the Ten Thousand Rooms platform to allow scholars to link individual poems across editions, thus allowing for unprecedented facility in comparing historical interpretations of Du Fu's works. 

Project Texts: 
Annotations and Explanations from the Reading Studio of the Poetry Collection of Du of the Ministry of Works 讀書堂杜工部詩集注解集千家註杜工部集 Collecting a Thousand Commentators on the Collection of Du of the Ministry of Works