Goryeo Gayo (고려 가요, 高麗歌謠) - Two songs from the Goryeo kingdom

The purpose of this project is to introduce two old poem-songs from Korea, which belong to the goryeo gayo genre originating from the Goryeo period (고려, 高麗, 918~1392). At the time of the Goryeo rule, Chinese characters were used for writing, since the korean writing system called hangul (한글) was only created during the Joseon period (대조선국, 大朝鮮國, 1392–1897) in 1443. 

In this project, the scripts of two well-known goryeo gayo songs, Cheongsan Byeolgok (청산별곡) and  Ssanghwajeom (쌍화점) are uploaded. These two songs were recorded in the Akjanggasa (악장가사, 樂章歌詞), which is a collection of lyrics from the early Joseon period, so the writing style, as can be seen in the pictures, shows the early state of hangul. For this reason, the old hangul writing, the modern interpretation of this writing and English translation are uploaded together. 

Project Texts: 
Goryeo Gayo (고려 가요, 高麗歌謠)
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