He Zhuo’s Marginalia on the Shitong

This project aims to develop an annotated transcription and translation of He Zhuo's 何焯 marginalia on the Shitong 史通 (Generality of Historiography), one of China's earlist books containing a systematic critique to Chinese historiograohy. He Zhuo (courtesy name Yimen 義門, 1661-1722) was a calligrapher and scholar in the early Qing period. He was well-known for the erudation and beauty of his marginalia, which consisted of textual criticism and comments most of the time.

Project Texts: 

Title: 史通二十卷,上海圖書館藏明刻本(線善 T01248-53)

Author: Liu Zhiji 劉知幾

Marginalia by: He Zhuo 何焯

Transcriptionist: Unknown

Colophon by: He Zhuo, Gu Guangqi 顧廣圻, Deng Bangshu 鄧邦述, Wu Cipei 吳慈培, Ye Jingkui 葉景葵