Vienna Dioscorides Greek Scholia

This project encompasses the Greek scholia found in the Vienna Dioscorides, a Late Antique copy of Pedanius Dioscorides' De Materia Medica. Beginning with the entries on the Opium Poppy, Gk. μήκων, I provide transliterations of the scholia from Byzantine Greek Miniscule script to Attic Greek script, and then translations into English. It is hoped that through this research more will be known on why Byzantine physicians cut and rearranged the text of Dioscorides as they did (the order of entries in the VD manuscript differs from the standard ordering of De Materia Medica) and thus how this manuscript was employed in a medico-medicinal context.

Project Texts: 
Vienna Dioscorides III.222.ltVienna Dioscorides III.222.rtVienna Dioscorides III.223.ltVienna Dioscorides III.224.ltVienna Dioscorides III.224.rtVienna Dioscorides III.225.ltVienna Dioscorides III.225.rtVienna Dioscorides III.226.ltVienna Dioscorides III.226.rtVienna Dioscorides I.23.ltVienna Dioscorides I.24.ltVienna Dioscorides I.24.rtVienna Dioscorides II.114.rtVienna Dioscorides II.115.rtVienna Dioscorides II.188.ltVienna Dioscorides II.188.rtVienna Dioscorides II.156.ltVienna Dioscorides II.156.rtVienna Dioscorides II.175.ltVienna Dioscorides II.175.rtVienna Dioscorides II.176.ltVienna Dioscorides II.176.rtVienna Dioscorides: CentauryVienna Dioscorides: Cyclamen